Are you still chasing happiness?

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August 13, 2017
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August 16, 2017

Are you still chasing happiness?

‘I’ll be happy tomorrow.’
Really? When what happens?
When you get that new job? You win the lottery? When all your problems miraculously disappear?

If you spend your life wishing your todays away, you’ll be chasing happiness forever.

Adopt ‘the day after thinking’.
What’s the ‘day after thinking’? Let’s take an example:
1. The crock of gold at the end of the rainbow: A job promotion.

Tomorrow thinking says, ‘once I get that job promotion, I’ll be happier’

Why? Because it will mean more prestige, more money, more happiness.

The ‘day after tomorrow thinking’ says, ‘Wrong my friend, very wrong! It will mean more stress, more debt, more unhappiness.’

Why? Because if you look beyond the initial glow of that first up-rated paycheck, what you may have swapped it for is years of more responsibility, more hours, more stress. And more debt.
Ok, you might agree with the responsibility and hours, but more debt? Yeah, your pay rise could very well lead to more debt except you get proper money management skills.

So once you’ve discarded ‘tomorrow’ thinking for the ‘day after’ thinking, does it mean it’s pointless to go after anything in the future from a pay rise to a holiday?

The way to make a quantum leap in your happiness level right now is to realize that it doesn’t have to depend on any spurious changes tomorrow.

Concentrate on being happier everyday with what you already have today, not what you dream of getting tomorrow. Then you can chase all the rainbows and unicorns and pots of gold you want.

Dayo Fawusi
Dayo Fawusi
I am Dayo Fawusi - a UK certified professional life coach, US certified behavior consultant, writer, entrepreneur and a champion in Lean Six Sigma methodology. I am a gentle, optimistic and refined People manager, who looks for balance and harmony everywhere with a great sense of justice. I have a mission to cooperate, to persuade, to mediate, to conciliate, equalize things around me and work for the peace and harmony of the world. I have a deep interest in human performance development and world cultures. I spend most of my time coaching individuals and consulting on strategy, innovation, projects and human resource development. I have consistently in my previous jobs working with multinational and multifunctional groups, demonstrated strong ability to motivate, challenge and inspire individuals and groups to greater participation and dedication. I am skillful in creating vision, managing change and motivating others to achieve excellence in performance. I have great ability to identify patterns, structures and connections within information and quantifiable data.

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