Face Your Fear, Move the Mountain

As We Sow, So We Reap...
As We Sow, So We Reap…
December 23, 2016
What are you UNSURE about?
What are you UNSURE about?
January 16, 2017

Face Your Fear, Move the Mountain

Face Your Fear, Move the Mountain

Face Your Fear, Move the Mountain

It is very easy for your goals and dreams to fall by the wayside and get buried under the busyness of life. It is all too easy to get caught up in the responsibilities and reality of what we do every day.

The human brain which is wired to survival and familiarity, will override happiness, such as leaving a bad relationship, starting a new business or getting rid of anxiety because the unconscious mind is set to repeating habits. These habits are beliefs about the situations; even though the person is unhappy, the feeling is familiar so change can be very frightening.

  • Have you been doing the same thing and expecting a different result?
  • Are you in the habit of setting goals for yourself?
  • Do you have a life plan?
  • In what ways do you work towards your goals constantly?
  • Do you find your goals hard to achieve and get despondent?
  • How committed are you to the goal?
  • Are you already a high achieving goal getter?

Please watch this 2mins15secs video


“Every great journey begins with a single step” – Chinese Proverb


“Face Your Fear, Move the Mountain”

Dayo Fawusi
Dayo Fawusi
I am Dayo Fawusi - a UK certified professional life coach, US certified behavior consultant, writer, entrepreneur and a champion in Lean Six Sigma methodology. I am a gentle, optimistic and refined People manager, who looks for balance and harmony everywhere with a great sense of justice. I have a mission to cooperate, to persuade, to mediate, to conciliate, equalize things around me and work for the peace and harmony of the world. I have a deep interest in human performance development and world cultures. I spend most of my time coaching individuals and consulting on strategy, innovation, projects and human resource development. I have consistently in my previous jobs working with multinational and multifunctional groups, demonstrated strong ability to motivate, challenge and inspire individuals and groups to greater participation and dedication. I am skillful in creating vision, managing change and motivating others to achieve excellence in performance. I have great ability to identify patterns, structures and connections within information and quantifiable data.

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