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August 16, 2017
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September 18, 2017



In a world filled with negativity, a positive attitude can make life more meaningful.

– STEP 1
Teach your children to control their inner monologues. These are the statements they constantly repeat to themselves in their minds. They are automatic negative thoughts that their basis are mostly subjective and not the whole reality such as “I’m so bad at Math.” Help them replace these negative statement by stating, aloud: “I might be having a hard time understanding Math, but I will keep trying and reach out to others for help with it, like my teachers, parents and other students.”

– STEP 2
Remind your children that being positive or negative about an event that has occurred in their lives is their choice. Teach your children this by using an example, such as “Staying angry at someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to suffer.”

– STEP 3
Try to create a positive environment in your home by watching funny movies, telling jokes and stories. Explain to your children that just smiling and laughing can help shift your brain chemistry and make you feel good.

– Step 4
Provide your children plenty of affection in the form of kind words, hugs, kisses, high fives and pats on the back.

– Step 5
Help your children develop hobbies they are good at to increase their confidence. You can, for example, encourage your child who has a lovely singing voice, to take voice classes to help her develop her singing ability more.

– Step 6
Encourage your children to keep a journal to keep track of accomplishments and disappointments. When your child experiences a disappointment, have him reflect on the lessons he can take from the experience to avoid repeating the mistake in the future. Praise him for showing maturity and recognizing the lesson and for taking a proactive approach to mistakes instead of dwelling on them.

Dayo Fawusi
Dayo Fawusi
I am Dayo Fawusi - a UK certified professional life coach, US certified behavior consultant, writer, entrepreneur and a champion in Lean Six Sigma methodology. I am a gentle, optimistic and refined People manager, who looks for balance and harmony everywhere with a great sense of justice. I have a mission to cooperate, to persuade, to mediate, to conciliate, equalize things around me and work for the peace and harmony of the world. I have a deep interest in human performance development and world cultures. I spend most of my time coaching individuals and consulting on strategy, innovation, projects and human resource development. I have consistently in my previous jobs working with multinational and multifunctional groups, demonstrated strong ability to motivate, challenge and inspire individuals and groups to greater participation and dedication. I am skillful in creating vision, managing change and motivating others to achieve excellence in performance. I have great ability to identify patterns, structures and connections within information and quantifiable data.

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