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June 1, 2017
June 5, 2017

Get going strong

Everyday, when we wakeup, we have two choices: We can wake up excited, ready to conquer the world or we can rise feeling defeated, bored, unmotivated. We can either have a positive or a negative attitude.

In life, our attitude is the key:

A positive attitude leads to affirmative thoughts, constructive events and successful outcomes; it generates happiness and satisfaction.

A negative attitude generates pessimistic thoughts, destructive events and failed outcomes; it provokes anger and disappointment.

So, beginning today, get going strong. In the morning do not drag yourself out of bed, instead jump out excited, whistling to the world, “it is a brand new day”. This will create a positive frame for the entire day, for the entire year, and for your entire life!

“People do feel your attitude… so keep it right!” – Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld

Dayo Fawusi
Dayo Fawusi
I am Dayo Fawusi - a UK certified professional life coach, US certified behavior consultant, writer, entrepreneur and a champion in Lean Six Sigma methodology. I am a gentle, optimistic and refined People manager, who looks for balance and harmony everywhere with a great sense of justice. I have a mission to cooperate, to persuade, to mediate, to conciliate, equalize things around me and work for the peace and harmony of the world. I have a deep interest in human performance development and world cultures. I spend most of my time coaching individuals and consulting on strategy, innovation, projects and human resource development. I have consistently in my previous jobs working with multinational and multifunctional groups, demonstrated strong ability to motivate, challenge and inspire individuals and groups to greater participation and dedication. I am skillful in creating vision, managing change and motivating others to achieve excellence in performance. I have great ability to identify patterns, structures and connections within information and quantifiable data.

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