What Outcomes Do You Constantly Drive For?

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What Outcomes Do You Constantly Drive For?

What Outcomes Do You Constantly Drive For?

What Outcomes Do You Constantly Drive For?

Outcomes are the desired intentions of your activities. Whether the activity is a business meeting, a marathon or a personal goal; the outcome is what actually happens. Anything you do has an outcome, whether it is the desired one or not.

You can take all of your past experience and the outcomes of those experiences and use that outcome as my ‘oh, so that’s where those actions got me, what can I learn from that?’ launch point. All of your past experiences have given you knowledge and you can use that knowledge to propel yourself to amazing future outcomes. Something important to realize is that you are not defining the outcomes as success or failure, but merely as outcomes. This is also an important point, so make sure you absorb that.

Thomas Edison had great difficulty inventing the light bulb. There were many cutting edge technologies involved in that creation; the use of a vacuum, different materials for filaments, alternating or direct current electricity and others. When he was asked about his “failures” he refused to accept that term. He just considered the experiment a learning experience on the road to his desired outcome; a bulb that burned brightly and lasted for a length of time. Each experiment brought him closer to his desired outcome.

As the outcome of the experiments were important to Edison, so should your outcomes be important to you. Without knowing what you want as your outcomes you are floating along on a pointless journey. You define your desired outcomes and put processes in place to help you reach them and achieve your goals. When you define your outcomes and are living ‘on purpose’ NLP defines this as a “Well Formed Outcome.”

A well-formed outcome answers the question, “What do you really want?”

Know that having a well formed outcome is going to positively affect your whole life in some way. It is important to understand that when you have a defined well-formed outcome there is a price you have to pay to achieve it. If your outcome is to get a promotion at your work, you may need to work harder and put in more hours. This can affect your personal and family life, but the promotion can be a positive effect on that same personal and family life down the road a bit.

Remember to state your outcome in terms of ability, not lack of ability: Consider, “Iwant others to support me’. That is not a well-formed outcome. Actually, thinking this way will stop you from making progress. Make sure your outcome is formed by actions you are able to take, not reliant on someone else taking action or changing their behaviour, since you cannot control others only yourself.


What Outcomes Do You Constantly Drive For?

Dayo Fawusi
Dayo Fawusi

I am Dayo Fawusi – a UK certified professional life coach, US certified behavior consultant, writer, entrepreneur

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