What can a woman do on Valentine’s Day that’s is special and unexpected for her guy?
February 21, 2017
Happy Women’s day
March 8, 2017

Know Your Love

Know Your Love

Know Your Love – This Goes Both Ways:

One of the most important things for either a man or woman to know or at least to make effort to learn, is what makes their significant other thick. You must be alert and attentive to the wants/needs and the desires of the other, put them first.

The investment of time and effort/thought during the year leading up to Valentine’s Day are critically important. The expenditure of that time and effort to gain that knowledge is the investment that shows the love for one another is not just a one day a year thing. Real love is earned everyday of yhe year and not just on special occasions.

The time it took you to think ahead, to find out what is important to the one you love and to arrange the shopping spree, the purchase of the jewelry, the tickets to the game or the show or to prepare the special meal is actually the gift of love. Properly directed, thoughtful time and effort throughout the year are the evidence of your love.

I will be leaving you with this on the note of Love and hope that before the next time we focus on the subject I would have consolidated my ideas into a book that will be titled “Tips and Treats for Valentine’s Day”. I will be adding not less than 40 Romantic ideas and lots more that will help us to get more fun from our relationships.

Remember the Agape Love!

Dayo Fawusi
Dayo Fawusi
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